-------------------------------- EUROPEAN TOUR DATES

Nov 15th
Duisberg, Germany

Nov 16th
Weindeim, Germany
Cafe Central

Nov 17th
Frankfurt, Germany
Das Bett

Nov 18th
Dresden, Germany
Tante Ju

Nov 19th
Nurnberg, Germany

Nov 23rd
Basel, Switzerland

Nov 25th
Weis, Austria
Alter Schlachthof

Nov 26th
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Kino Siska

Nov 28th
Olomouc, Czech Republic
Bounty Rock Cafe

Nov 29th
Brno, Czech Republic
Metro Music Bar

Nov 30th
Pilsen, Czech Republic
Buena Vista

ND MORE" Tour continues with more date

Original Mother Bunk Gardner Joins Don Preston To Perform The New 2014 "Freak Out -- The Early Zappa Years" Tour In Europe This November!

Throughout 2014, the GrandMothers of Invention will perform the amazing "Freak Out/The Early Zappa Years" Tour in performances across the US, Canada, Europe, and for the first time, Australia. Original Mother Bunk Gardner will rejoin Don Preston in the GrandMothers of Invention to perform songs from the first 10 Zappa records, and to introduce audiences worldwide to the new "At Home with Bunk & Don" segment before each show - an intimate, no-holds-barred 30 minute personal Q & A with the audience about Don Preston and Bunk Gardner's earlier years with Frank Zappa.

In 2012 and 2013, the GrandMothers of Invention performed entire recordings of "Roxy And Elsewhere" and "One Size Fits All". In 2014, the "Freak Out/The Early Zappa Years" tour will for the first time feature favorites from the following albums - "Freak Out", "Absolutely Free", "Were Only In It For The Money", "Lumpy Gravy", "Cruising with Ruben and the Jets", "Uncle Meat", "Burnt Weeny Sandwich", "Weasels Ripped my Flesh", "Grand Wazoo", "Petit Wazoo", "Studio Tan", "Zoot Allures", "Orchestral Favorites", "Fillmore East 1971", as well as from "Roxy And Elsewhere" and "One Size Fits All".

The GrandMothers of Invention are: BUNK GARDNER (with the Mothers of Invention from 1966-1969) on tenor sax, EWI, flute, straight man, commentary / DON PRESTON (with the Mothers from 1966-1974) on piano, keyboard synthesizers, electronics, gongage, magic, and vocals / DAVID PARLATO (with the Mothers of Invention-Hot Rats-Grand Qazoo-Petit Wazoo from 1972 thru 1976) on electric bass. Also featuring CHRISTOPHER GARCIA (the only drummer/percussionist,vocalist to hold the drum chair since 2003 for the GMOI) - drums, percussion, marimba, and vocals, and "Mad" MAX KUTNER - electric guitar, what nots, pedals, hats and hair.

(Please see our Tour Dates Page and to the right on this page for upcoming shows.)

2012 "Roxy And Elsewhere And More" Tour - Reviews and Feedback

"Of all the Zappa bands on the circuit these days, this one best embodies the spirit of the music, the wild sense of anarchy and absurdity that characterized the early albums in particular. The solos and instrumental covers provided the most substantive music of the evening, but predictably, familiar favorites like Trouble Every Day, Peaches, and Sofa drew the most enthusiastic reactions from the predominantly older audience.

Give credit to this band for being generous, too. By the end of the show, Brock had acknowledged and/or thanked everybody from God down to the local sound and light crew. Its unlikely the Czechs knew what he was talking about when he said things like, Lets get down to it. Are you up for that? But the lighting technician no doubt appreciated this compliment: I cant pronounce your name, but youre the shit, dude.

And the ultimate tribute was paid properly, with the loudest and most sustained applause of the evening coming in response to Brock yelling, Lets hear it for Frank Zappa! As the band was leaving the stage, he offered a great parting shot: Play this music for your children, so they know there is an alternative.

"Appropriate to Frank Zappa's highly complex works, of course the three aces will be accompanied by two disciples who are most accomplished musicians in their own rights. ROBBIE MANGANO is not just of Italian descent like Zappa but fills the enormous footsteps of the guitar playing FZ with virtuosity of the kind that makes for collective jaw-dropping amongst the sternest of critics.

And CHRIS GARCIA a) has got all the goods in his hands which his prominent predecessors had to deliver to become Frank's drummers. Plus b) in Garcia's throat there's an organ, which lets The GrandMothers of Invention perform even the songs which Captain Beefheart had once sung for Zappa.

Mind you, it's nothing but music of the great master that luckily will be brought back to the venues of this world. And when Napoleon Murphy Brock takes to supple dancing like in days long gone; when Don Preston recalls witty anecdotes or is suddenly standing by the edge of the stage to surprise the delighted audience with a crazy solo from his iPod - then it all amounts to musical theatre at it's best. There's nothing closer to the original than this bunch!"

"Oh yeah! Yesterday in Leverkusen I might have seen the best GrandMothers of all... times! What a great show! Congratulations boyz!!! People go to see them - it was a blast!"

"Come back to Berlin, guys, please! fantastic show"
Jasper Beutin

"It was gorgeous! Thank you so much for the wonderful show in Salzwedel (and the autographs on nearly all my Zappa-Records...). Absolutely fantastic! And the Solo from Don Preston on his iPhone - great!!!"
Bjorn Vogt

"Thanx All of you GrandMothers! It was a golden FZ-night! You put the spirit, soul and humor in the right place! I remember Frank not only for the music but for his personality! He was there in Copenhagen 9 feb. Thanks to you! ZPZ is excellent but where is the deviance, the spirit and the excellence? Thanks again! See you in this summer?"
Michael Magnusson

"you guys are the GREATEST! awesome gig tonight in leverkusen! THANKS for keeping the ZAPPA spirit alive"
Urs Wolf

"The music of Frank Zappa is alive and well in the hands of the GrandMothers. Keep the spirit alive!"

"It was a great concert in Lubeck/Germany. An unforgettable evening, with the feeling, that Frank is still living among us. Thank you for the wonderful time and the wonderful music! I hope to see you again soon :-)"
Andreas Hupeden